Conflict resolution skills can be learned

Conflict resolution skills can be learned - extend your toolbox

In our work with leaders in conflict management trainings the participants tell us different reasons why dealing with conflicts within their sphere of responsibility is difficult.

  • 🙄 One of them is their personal disinclination to conflicts and to deal with tensions. Some feel that from early age on they avoided difficulties, some describe having been raised in an environment that did not encourage dealing with conflicts, others adopted that strategy as a way to cope with a family environment charged with tension.
  • 🤔So, what can you do when you feel you are like this and are in a leadership role that requires that you are proactive and address and handle upcoming conflicts in your sphere of responsibility?
  • 😊 The good news is you do not have to change your personality. No need to turn your personality upside down! No need to unlearn, what is an important part of you and your biography.
  • ♻ We prefer to look at all the reactions and ways you have to deal with conflicts as resources, resources that have been and that are at times vital and useful to you. And which are appropriate reactions at times.
  • 🛠 In other situations you have to deal with, however, they may be less useful and less appropriate. It is for these that it is useful to widen your available options. Look at these learning processes as the chance to add new tools to your “inner toolkit”. Look at it as a new couleur in your paintbox, something that adds richness.

With this attitude in mind you might find trying out new ways is not an arduous personal upheaval but can be treated with light-footed curiosity.

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