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business coaching for international leaders

What is special about “international” ?

Why is international business a specific sphere of business coaching and mediation / conflict management?

impact supports international leaders. Being exposed to the international business arena entails issues that go beyond the experience in domestic markets.  

  • Companies that are positioned internationally or globally are subject to a specific range of internal dynamics not known to companies that operate mainly in the domestic arena.
  • International leadership and team collaboration require a special skills-set.
  • Relocation of assignees is an experience with a multitude of unique professional as well as personal implications, the rising diversification of assignments raises new challenges for companies.

Current trends amplify the challenges.

  • The ongoing transition to a globally highly distributed workforce calls for new approaches to managing the workforce.
  • International assignments in all their new forms are to a fair extend untrodden ground. Entailing new work designs have yet to be explored with all their implications. They offer the chance to implement highly innovative future work models but are not devoid of certain risks either.
  • Assignee experience or rather global workforce experience are becoming ever more important, especially in view of the skills shortage.

Some of the challenges for International HRM and HRD

  • New assignment formats and new work designs need to be framed, accompanied and evaluated on a personal level as well as on the corporate level.
  • Forms of remote leadership and cooperation – implemented out of necessity during the pandemic – need to be taken to the next level. 
  • The different groups of the mobile workforce, their needs and expectations need to be understood and harmonized with company objectives.
  • The changing mindset towards international relocation.

Even with the current trend of opening international assignments to a much larger staff population, leadership quality stays an essential success factor. Presently leaders are the targets, the experts as well as the executors of new work designs. Their international skills in these new dimensions will be key. We assist your policies with targeted formats and efficient tools.

How impact addresses the international context

 thinking “international” from both a personal and organisational development perspective 

why impact ?
  • Issues that specifically concern internationalized companies are our starting point. Rather than looking at them as add-ons, they are an integral part of our coaching and conflict management services.
  • We continuously stay tuned to recent trends and developments of international business that entail internal adjustments for your company. 
  • Based on our knowledge of recent trends we continuously create innovative formats which respond to new challenges of international companies.
  • In cooperation with you we create formats targeted to your company specific objectives.
  • We always attune our formats to your strategic objectives in IHRD.
  • We combine a Human Resource perspective with an Organizational Development sensitivity. A twofold benefit.  

Who benefits ?

For companies that are well established in international business

International assignments have been part of your routine and for some years you have seen the world of international working change. Enhancing leadership is central to your success. Faced with adapting to the requirements of current trends and the overall skills shortage you constantly adapt to helping your international assignees succeed wherever they are in the world for however long a time. Your assignments need to be closely tailored to your company goals and the expectations of your talent base. You want to make sure that frictions, pitfalls of  company life do not develop into costly conflicts.

For companies who are going the first steps of internationalization

You want to be sure that your managers develop their global skill accordingly , and you have a mechanism at hand to sail successfully through tough phases.

How impact helps you to meet the “international” challenge

building up the skillset required to master a complex environment, address conflicts early on and establish sustainable solutions

When designing programs to develop your international leaders, you want to make sure that they are well received, that your leaders are supported in facing the day-to-day challenges, trained to acquire the skills required by their tasks, and that lessons learned in the process are fed back to allow the organisation to adapt. Our services can assist you in making these programs successful and attractive for new talents.

We offer coaching services in English, German, French and Spanisch. 

Mediation as well as our conflict training program are available in English and German

We structure our offer in three distinct layers:


combine pre-defined modules into a solution which fits typical use cases. This allows us to respond quickly to standard settings and give you a rapid indication on pricing

specific programs

are developed for particular needs which impact considers “generic” enough so that they can be used by more than one customer. This allows us to keep development costs under control

bespoke solutions

address a specific need of a specific customer. Here impact can bring the whole wealth of its experience to bear in oder to provide a specific solution. The details will be defined in continuous close synchronisation with the customer.