business coaching

is focusing on leadership topics


  • bear strategic responsibility for processes and results within the organization
  • are responsible for employees and the work capacity and competencies
  • must decide
  • must moderate change
  • have to deal with complex problems

the resulting scenarios are challenging and often complex. Issues have strategic, functional, and communication aspects – most of the time in combination. In addition, interests of various stakeholders must be accounted for.

Business coaching provides the framework and methodology to reflect all resulting dynamics. Coaching helps to analyze, to reflect, to take decisions and to elaborate steps towards implementation.

In order to transform these strategies into successful paths, we link them to the manager’s resources and potential, as well as to his/her motivations, values, objectives, visions and projects.

Business coaching is about empowering managers in these functions, in order to enhance his/her effectiveness to ensure long-term performance, and to meet strategic objectives.

We are coaching German managers abroad, and foreign managers in Germany.