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leadership is key

business coaching for international leaders

leadership is key to success

Managers play a key role in the success of a business. Business coaching for international leaders provides the tools to improve their skillset, but also to develop the organisation.

Leadership and management in international business is a challenge creating many exigencies “on top” of day-to-day challenges known by every manager. Also, managers play a leading role in the success of the foreign investment – in terms of the firm’s outward performance on the market as well as in terms of internal efficiency. This is not a trivial task. In this context, Business Coaching for international leaders can help managers to develop the skills they need.

International companies are subject to an elevated degree of complexity. Complex setups always produce their own frictions and contradictions. They are inevitable.

In daily management leaders face these dynamics. Consequently, the quality of a company depends to a substantial degree on how managers and leaders succeed here. Business coaching supports leaders to deal with those challenges with a hands-on as well as a strategic approach. In case fault lines develop into conflicts Mediation and Conflict Training provide means to address these.

addressing new challenges

Classical challenges of international leadership have been: working across geographical distances in a multilingual context with culturally diverse work styles and leadership expectations. On top of these, the pandemic led to the adoption of “virtual” collaboration tools by sheer necessity. Leaders are now facing the challenge of transforming some of the advantages of these tools into permanent best practices, while at the same time avoiding their worst pitfalls. Additionally, international leadership practice needs to adapt to the ongoing emergence of new international work designs, which will amplify  the “classical” issues.

Supporting and accompanying your international leaders is a strategic decision to assure the quality of your international management.

business coaching for international leaders - essentials

developing people and organisations

every coaching process can generate feedback that allows the organisation to grow

Coaching Leaders

Business coaching is a format that is targeted, close to the job and adaptable to the specific needs of companies. Business coaching for international leaders assists managers to meet the challenges of international leadership, it enhances international skills with an approach that is attuned to the specific role, the company context and all inherent dimensions of international leadership, i.e. cultural issues, spatial distance and language management.

It is a format that can capture the reverberations of current changes on the operational leadership level: the effect of remote leadership designs, remote team collaboration, hybrid effects etc. 

Coaching is a highly efficient tool in these times since it provides the methods and tools to directly “dive into the heart of issues”. Each coaching process is embedded in your company’s defined strategic objectives for that role and or assignment. 

Our approach is based on the humanistic growth-model (see e.g. , the foundation of our services is our conviction that human beings want to grow – as long as they live. Curiosity, the desire to learn, to go one step further are the central drivers of people. Of all ages – as neuro-biological research of the last 20 years has confirmed. 

Formats for managing your international workforce

As part of your strategies and policies to manage your international workforce coaching can be a useful instrument to capture, analyse and feed back the experiences “on the ground” into your International Human Resource Management and Global Mobility teams. Accompanying your assignees with adequate formats helps to enhance assignment experience. At the same time it channels back important information on how policies work.

We provide adapted support formats to meet upcoming company needs in view of the current transitions in international staffing and assignment policies. With coaching programs for your different assignment types that are tailored to the specific context we are able to meet the needs of your different mobile workforce groups. This also serves to monitor and evaluate the new developments in collaboration with those concerned both on the operational and on the strategic level. 

Make your company profit from the current developments and enhance the quality of your leaders!

Who benefits?

For assignees on  developmental, strategic, project, skill shortage moves or for reasons to address adhoc issues.

business coaching for international leaders - benefits

Business Coaching in Action …

… focusses on leadership topics with special emphasis on international issues and is goal-oriented in view of managers’ diverse responsibilities and challenges

Business Coaching

  • enhances the international skills of your global leaders and the global workforce, 
  • takes international leadership to a higher level,
  • makes sure that the company has the right skill sets in the right place,
  • keeps your leadership pipeline well equipped,
  • assures alignment with broader longer- term business strategy,
  • enhances assignee experience,
  • heightens the attractiveness of global mobility (in times where that attraction is on the decline),
  • increases business resilience.

Business Coaching empowers managers and ensures their short- and long-term performance in unfolding their potential and meeting the company’s objectives. 


Our Business Coaching packages: 
  • Development package “Development for company success.”: aims at boosting your talent development by supporting current and future leaders during all types of international assignments, be they triggered by company needs,  short – or long-term, self-initiated or virtual. 
  • Insurance package “Better safe than sorry.”: monitors and reduces inherent risk potentials of assignments.
  • Firefighting package “Instant responsiveness when need arises.”: an instrument that is at hand when problems surface.
Specific programs and current offers
  • Fast track to integration
  • Market entry support  
made to measure and bespoke solutions

to suit your company’s specific needs and circumstances – please contact us.