about impact

impact was born out of some vital phases of our (professional) lives:

  1. We have spent many years abroad ourselves. We worked abroad and we lived abroad. So we know what it means. We know the exhilarating moments and also the difficult ones – professionally, privately and socially. These experiences have enriched our lives immensely and had a lasting effect on us.
  2. We have long years of experience supporting leaders, mediating conflicts, and in organisational development. We have worked with leaders from a wide range of companies and organisational backgrounds concerning their leadership and have leadership experience ourselves.
  3. We closely observed the development of digital communication and at an early stage recognised their benefits for people working in an international context as well as for coaching, mediation and consultancy.

These factors led us to found impact.

Companies working in an international context need to master new complexities, some of them concern their inner mode of functioning. Our objective is to support companies working internationally in adapting and optimising their inner structures to manage these challenges and make their leaders fit for the task.

Martin Weymann


Ute Lorenzen

co-founder, CEO and Coach

Ute Lefelmann-Petersen

coach and country expert France

Erika Shioshido-Lohmann

Country expert: Peru, Latin America, Spain, japan