Why impact was created

Three important experiences lead the way to impact:

  1. We spend many years working and living abroad ourselves. We therefore intimately know what it means, we know the thrilling moments, but also the difficult ones. These experiences did enrich and mark our lives.
  2. We have a long-standing experience supporting managers, in mediation, and in counselling within organizations. We did work with managers of different organizations on a large variety of issues that mark their day-to-day life, issues that we also know from our own experience.
  3. We followed the evolution of digital communication with a lot of interest and recognized early on the potential benefits in a professional context. In a global context, colleagues, teams and business partners are often located far apart. Digital media make communications and collaboration over large distances possible, with increasingly better quality.

These three factors motivated us to found impact. Our name is our program: coaching with impact.

Our mission is to support businesses which operate in an international context. They depend on employees who guarantee smooth operations on foreign sites. – impact supports organizations and their managers “on-site” using digital media. Our team is ready to support you