Conflicts are inevitable in internationally operating businesses. Just as they are in nationally operating companies. Some conflicts have a structural background, some are based on personal differences. In addition, international businesses are subject to additional stress factors with the associated potential for conflict:

  • a (even) higher complexity of structures and processes
  • regionally different business- leadership- and work-cultures
  • the challenge to establish a coherent business structure
  • communication across languages and time zones
  • different market conditions and legal structures

Conflicts bear risks and opportunities. They may significantly degrade the businesses’ operational capacity, but they may also trigger important developments. Whether conflicts are productive or cause damage depends on how leadership, employees and management deal with them. Unhandled conflicts have consequences: they lead to inefficient work processes, block decisions, frequently lead to illness or to one party leaving the company. Each of these consequences represents costs to the business, sometimes significant costs.


Its easiest to solve conflicts if they are handled early on. The earlier a conflict is addressed the higher chances are that collaborators solve it among themselves. This is happening all the time in professional life.

Moreover, managers can support and empower their team members to solve their conflicts or, using their moderating skills, contribute directly find constructive solutions. This becomes increasingly difficult as the number of people involved increases, and the conflict escalades and spreads. Conflicts tend to become messier as time goes by.

As mediators we are looking at conflicts as the neutral third party. We provide an external view, having no vested interest in the conflict, and no preferences for a particular solution. It is our job to check – in collaboration with you -who needs to talk to whom in order to conceive a satisfactory and sustainable solution, and to accompany all parties on the way towards its implementation. Mediation is offering a professional and structured toolset to do this.

Operating internationally online mediation can be a timely and straightforward option for you to bring those people together who can se to satisfactory and sustainable solutions.