Fast Track to Integration

What do incoming expats need in order to get a good start into their new mission? What do they need in order to integrate themselves well into the new professional environment in the new country?

Business Coaching Onboarding is a specific coaching program that accelerates and simplifies the arrival at the new site, as well as onboarding and integration into the new job.

During the first four months after arrival we accompany expats combined with a solid introduction into the business and work culture of the host country by our country-experts. With this program incoming assignees will smoothly and rapidly unfold their full potential, given the diverse challenges linked to international relocation.

Please call us or send us a contact form, we are happy discuss how best to support your managers in taking up new international assignments.

Ute Lorenzen

Ute Lorenzen
impact General Manager
Coach and Mediator

Erika Shishido-Lohmann

Erika Shishido-Lohmann
Country Expert Latin America

Business-Coaching bei Markteintritt