leadership as key to success

Going international is a challenge for the complete leadership team (both domestic and international). Managers play a key role in the success of a foreign investment. Expat managers face particular challenges regarding leadership in an international context, on top of day-to-day challenges known by any manager.

Leading a team in a different cultural context, and potentially subject to different rules, building robust local working relations, cooperating and communicating with HQ, and establishing efficient internal processes, both foreign and domestic, under quite different conditions: there is a wide variety of issues that have to be addressed. For international assignments expatriate managers have to adapt and expand their existing competences significantly. On the other hand, appropriate integration of a foreign business also means to adjust domestic processes in order to allow domestic and international managers to collaborate efficiently.

If your managers are supported to acquire th necessary competencies, if they can develop new ways to act, if they can learn on the job for the job, and apply learning results immediately, the probability that they succeed in their strategic mission rises.

From this perspective, supporting and accompanying your managers is a strategic decision to ensure that the quality of international management is and stays high.

We accompany managers wherever they are in the world, thus contributing to identify and solve emerging problems immediately, allowing to draw consequences for the overall organization if required. Using the virtual possibilities available today, local support becomes significant in a way not known before:  Support is available rapidly, there is no travel overhead associated, and qualified support in the mother tongue is available. As an organization, you increase the impact of your leadership development.

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