Coaching as human resource development

The aim of human resource development is to improve the performance of all the staff in order to ensure the company’ s survival in the long run. Prime focus are the current and future competencies of employees. Practically this involves two aspects:

  • our coaching develops necessary competencies needed in international companies.
  • our coaching improves the capability to manage all internal and external requirements related to leadership in an international environment.

The more managers are internally supported to implement changes, the more sustainable the individual development process of managers becomes.

Your HR management can take advantage of several options:

  • Individual support calibrated to individual needs
  • Ad-hoc support in case of emergencies
  • The Agile-Coaching program, e.g. for the support of all expat managers
  • Coordination of parallel measures of domestic and international manager development

Please refer to our various solution packets, and do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be pleased to provide you an offer tailored to your organization.

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