We combine personal and organizational development


Going international is a challenge for the complete leadership team (both domestic and international). Managers play a key role in the success of a foreign investment. Expat managers face particular challenges regarding leadership in an international context, on top of day-to-day challenges known by any manager.

Leading a team in a different cultural context, and potentially subject to different rules, building robust local working relations, cooperating and communicating with HQ, and establishing efficient internal processes, both foreign and domestic, under quite different conditions: there is a wide variety of issues that have to be addressed. For international assignments expatriate managers have to adapt and expand their existing competences significantly. On the other hand, appropriate integration of a foreign business also means to adjust domestic processes in order to allow domestic and international managers to collaborate efficiently.(more …)


Going international concerns the whole business as an organization. The issues and concerns of managers that are subject of coaching bring up both aspects of the individual manager as a person, and dynamics of the overall organization. Both cannot be separated.

In this way, besides the personal and professional patterns of the manager as individual, coaching also challenges the structure, processes and culture of the organization. Therefore, coaching frequently “generates” two kinds of insights: insights about the personal patterns, and insights about modes of functioning of the organization, its internal dynamics, contradictions and points of friction.

Insights gained from practical experience during coaching and support can also benefit your organization. We systematically integrate this perspective into the coaching, so that these insights can be used to grow the international competence of the organization.(more …)


The aim of human resource development is to improve the performance of all the staff in order to ensure the company’ s survival in the long run. Prime focus are the current and future competencies of employees. Practically this involves two aspects:

  • our coaching develops necessary competencies needed in international companies.
  • our coaching improves the capability to manage all internal and external requirements related to leadership in an international environment.

The more managers are internally supported to implement changes, the more sustainable the individual development process of managers becomes.(more …)


Key to the success of a virtual coaching process is its equivalence to “in person” coaching in terms of the “rapport” experienced by the participants. In order to achieve this, we translated a rich set of coaching tools that are proven in the “face-to-face” setting, into the virtual space. These tools give the coachee active editing and intervention possibilities, leading to an interactive coaching process with high intensity and effectiveness.

By now, multiple studies to virtual counseling are available. These show, as does our own experience, that users experience virtual counseling as highly effective to treat their issues – even those who had been skeptical. (more …)